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What to Look for When Buying a Netbook

Netbooks are lightweight, portable wonder machines designed for on-the-go fun. These modern marvels have been adapted for serious use; professionals use them in business. In fact, these mini products can outperform low cost, basic computers. The easy way to find what to look for when buying a netbook is to review the four most important components: screen, keyboard, operating systems and battery life. Then, it is simply a matter of customizing the device for the consumer’s need. After all, if this thing is not convenient to use, it will soon be left at the bottom of the bag.


Screen size and clarity are two of the most important features. Smaller units weigh less and slip into handbags without problems. The diminutive images on these screens are hard to read and the reduced pixel count is not adequate for some software. Business users need higher resolutions. Most users like a 10.1 inch or larger display. Although the most common screen has a glossy coating, matte screen coverings reduce glare and reflections in brightly lit areas and may be worth the added investment.

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